Gears are a whole science and Tractive masters this fascinating science. When designing the gears it is not enough to just make them fit and strong enough to handle the torque they should transfer. The gears should also work with as little friction against each other as possible. Precision in design and manufacturing is crucial. The smaller the manufacturing tolerances, the better. Tractive makes all the gears in-house and grind them to very tight tolerances in our Höfler gear grinding machine. The Höfler machine produces DIN1 — 2 quality on a daily basis.

All gears and shafts are machined from forged billets of high quality clean steels.

All heat treatment processes are computer controlled and closely monitored during the entire proccess.

Tractive has over 35 years experience in design, development and manufacture of high quality gears, all using our in-house developed gear tooth forms. We use specially developed gear geometry design and analysis software, coupled with our long experience from in-house manufacturing of highly stressed gears.

All RD90 and SD90 gearbox have 90.0 mm shaft centre distance. The SD90 has a 130.6 centre distance between pinion and ring gear.

Tractive gears have just a small amount of undercut on the face dogs. Faster and smoother gear shifts, and more durable dogs is the end result.

Шестеренки в спортивной трансмиссии Tractive
CNC проверка шестеренок