Leif Peterson

“I have used the Tractive SD905 gearbox for many years now, first in my Golf and later in my two Toyota Corollas. Its reliability and the diff characteristics contributed greatly to the success we have achieved, this year and in the past”.

Andreas Boström - E46

«Since 2003 I have used the RD906 and the Tractive differential. After six seasons and 11.000 race km’s I have replaced two gears and lots of oil, that’s all!. Not even one dogring! Each season we do about 2000 km’s, about 300 km’s per race. The car is an E46 with a 3.2L S54 450 HP engine. Needless to say, I am very happy with this investment.»

Andreas Boström, Team BRS Motorsport - Top runner in the Swedish SLC Endurance Racing Series
 Phil Collins Rallying

“I had a Motorsport business and ran Opels Fords and Toyotas, but the Tractive Transmission is the most impressive piece of engineering I have encountered”.

Rob and Paula Alderman
«Thank you for a superb gearbox!»
Rob and Paula Alderman, 9th of October, 2012, just won the Irish Modified Tarmac Championship in their class with their Ford Escort MKII and sent us an e-mail.